Monday, July 7, 2008

After Work

At a bus stop outside the county hospital.

Man (clad in dirty jeans and a T-shirt, carrying a backpack, talking to no one in particular): I got my meds, got my meds got my meds.

(He moves closer to a woman in scrubs)

Man (to woman): I got my meds and I got out of the hospital today. The psych hospital.

Woman (avoiding eye contact): Mmmhmmm.

Man (looking around): I like it here. It's much better than Miami where I came from. People here are much nicer.

Woman (still avoids contact): Mmmhmmm.

Man (looking around some more): Hey, isn't that a liquor store over there?

Woman (not looking at him or the liquor store): Mmmmhmmm.

Man: Whoa, in all the cities I've been to, I've never seen a liquor store that close to a hospital. (long pause)
Well, I guess those doctors need to do and get drunk after work when they spend their days dealing with crazy people like me!


Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

Okay - I know you can't make this stuff up. Any truth to our man's assessments? Suzy

The Lone Coyote said...

Well, my department does serve alcohol at its gatherings...

And I did note that there is a bar less than 2 blocks from the hospital that was open when I walked over to a meeting before 11 am.

So we'll see.