Friday, July 11, 2008


Overheard on the bus:

Early 20s woman: (very loudly to her flaming gay friend) Don't you just love Billie Holiday?
Her friend: Yeah, her stuff is cool.
Early 20s woman: Me and my ex-boyfriend used to put Billie Holiday on in the winter, light a fire in the fireplace, and made love on the couch like every night.
Her friend: Really!?!
Early 20s woman: It was so fucking romantic. (Sighs) Sometimes I miss him, but I know I'm better off without him.
Her friend: Really? Why?
Early 20s woman: He was such a sweet guy and so good to me. I was just too young and not ready to be with him.
Her friend: What happened?
Early 20s woman: I totally cheated on him with all these other guys. I fucked like four other people. (smiles) In a way I don't really regret it because it was fun.

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