Saturday, February 21, 2009

Elevator Out of Service

There are three subway stations that are consecutive stops. We will call them X, Y, and Z. As the train pulled into Stop X, a pretty unintelligible announcement came on overhead stating that the elevator at Station Y was broken. So anyone needing to use and elevator should get out at Station X or Station Z instead.

This was a bit baffling. Generally, people who need to use an elevator have a disability or some reason that makes walking longer distances difficult. Once they get to street level at Station X or Station Z, how are they supposed to get back to Station Y? I highly doubt the transit system is going to provide them with a shuttle. A taxi? I do not think the logic behind this one was only lost on me. Several people had confused looks on their faces after that announcement was made. Just another day on public transit.

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Bender said...

How's it going? I only have your old email address, so I figured I could reach you through here. From what I hear from Law, I think you and the rest of the people up north will be able to relate. I'm doing ok, but I'm mentally beat down. My chiefs are riding me hard and I've had special meetings with my staff and chairman to re-evaluate my performance to improve my efficiency. Ugh, I'm really beginning to wonder if I have what it, there's a part of me that is regretting choosing a surgical specialty. I'm so tired of sweating the details. Sometimes I want to beat myself up for even thinking about dropping medicine altogether. Then there are days like today, where I got to volunteer and perform way too many prostate screening exams for one day, but it felt awesome to not focus on how miserable I've been feeling lately and see the big picture. I miss hanging out with you guys. I miss being a student. The real world is rough.