Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off Road Adventure

The next day after the saga of the white truck in the garage we headed out of town for an off-roading ostrich adventure. Wait... off-roading ostrich adventure? Yes, you read that right.

This was our vehicle for the outing. It was complete with a very fun, ostrich rancher tour guide who clearly loved being a woman driving a huge truck.

We saw nests in the wild. Guess what ladies? The male ostrich spends half the time watching over the nest as you see here.

And that thing about the ostrich with its head in the sand? Apparently, that is a myth that is based on the female ostrich turning the eggs in the next. Since the nest is a hole in the ground,from afar it looks like her head is buried in the sand.

We also got to go fishing for ostrich. Fishing in the desert? For ostrich? You take a large pole with a rope, some grapefruit, get on a tall platform, and watch them go to town fighting over the fruit.

It was a ton of fun and we got to see some great desert scenery too. When we got back we fed the ostrich, deer, burros and lorakeets. If you're ever in Picacho Peak, AZ be sure to check the ostrich ranch out.

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Dragonfly said...

Sounds like heaps of fun...